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Dr. Trevi has her B.S. in Biology from UC Riverside, her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and Masters of Public Health from Nova Southeastern University. She is a licensed real estate broker and has her private pilots license. She has helped people hear all over the world with her work at Starkey Hearing Foundation.


And focuses now on helping people develop healthy life habits to get them back on track. All while managing to spend time with her two loved ones Jake & Gianna!

compliments from clients

Dr. Trevi is truly amazing! I recently went through an extremely difficult year losing my mother to cancer & going through a divorce all within a few months.  Trevi stood by me through the storm and helped me see that I could be happy again.  After healing from my divorce, she encouraged me to try online dating and although I was hesitant at first, it proved successful for me! I found a wonderful guy and I am happier now that I have ever been.  Trevi is professional, compassionate and inspiring. I would recommend anyone out there looking for a fresh start and motivating advice, to set up time with Dr. Trevi!

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